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Armored Electric was started because there was a need for professional electrical services in Gallup, New Mexico and the

surrounding area. In order to serve customers in Arizona we became licensed there and we are now proud to serve a

portion of Arizona. Please click on links above for more information on our services....

History:  Armored Electric was started in the spring of 1996 by Orin Sowers.   After being employed by different companies in New Mexico Orin was led to do what he believes "God had trained him to do his whole life", that was: Be The Best Electrical Services Provider. Orin started in the electrical trade at a ripe young age of 12 working with his father (Robert Sowers) in his business: "Sowers Electric". Much of his success in this area he attributes to the blessings of God and the work discipline his dad taught him.  He is also is thankful for the love and support of a wonderful mother (Frances Sowers).  After working for his father Orin moved on to work in more advanced fields for other companies and facilities in the state of New Mexico. Orin gained vast experience working in the areas of Boilers, Burner Controls, Automation, Instrumentation, Large Motor Installations (as high as 900 Horsepower), High Voltage, Large Switch Gear,  Complex Controls, Fault Troubleshooting, Large Facility Expansions and even in the area of electronics.  One of Orin’s accomplishments included being a supervisor over 5 electrical crews doing the electrical portion of a 50 million dollar expansion to a recycling facility.  Orin also had 3+ years of electronics training and multiple trade schools he attended throughout this time period.  Later Orin received some business school and additional contracting training and started Armored Electric. The name of the company was selected by Orin's wife. When she was asked about where the name came from she said she thought of the verse in the Bible where it says "to put on the whole Armor of God" and then "Armored Electric" popped into her head.  Employees were hired within just a few months after Orin could not keep up with the work load. Much of Armored Electric's success can be attributed to great employees and technicians.  Orin said he wants to thank all the employees of Armored Electric for their hard work and dedication over the years. Armored Electric built their first 4000 sq ft shop building at 703 Old Zuni Road in 1999.  After 10 years Armored Electric outgrew that building and were bulging at the seams.  New property was purchased and a new 15,000 square foot facility was built at 3640 West Historic Hwy 66.  Armored Electric has now moved into that new facility and we plan on having many more years of great success serving our customers in our new location. 


Our mission at Armored Electric is to serve our customers with the utmost pride, the best workmanship and with the greatest enjoyment in what we do.   We enjoy solving problems, fixing equipment and meeting our customers needs each and every day.  We aim to do this  at a cost that is affordable for good and professional workmanship.  Armored Electric has never sacrificed quality in order to make a profit and we don’t ever plan on doing it either.        
Providing Professional Electrical, Tel-Com, Video, Instrumentation, Automation & SCADA Services
Physical Address: 3640 West Hwy 66, Gallup, NM 87301
Mailing Address: PO Box 2933, Gallup, NM 87305


Armored Electric’s 1st Shop Building

Armored Electric’s New 15,000 sq ft Facility